Mortgage Alternatives

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Beyond Traditional Mortgages

Mortgage alternatives may be a better option for your particular circumstances and borrowing objectives. As regulated, whole of market mortgage brokers, we’ve spent years advising people about secured loans or mortgage bridging loans which often save them money. 

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Secured Loans

When remortgaging isn’t suitable or possible a secured loan could provide a great option if you’re in any of the following situations:

  • You have adverse credit or high street banks and building societies have turned you down. We can access alternative lenders with products that accept a variety of credit profiles.
  • You have non-standard income - for example you’re self-employed - which makes it difficult for lenders to work out affordability. A secured loan can provide more flexibility or help those struggling to secure finance from mainstream lenders.
  • You need to raise capital, fast. Secured loans are much quicker to complete than mortgages, helping you to cash out your property quickly, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere.
  • You want to avoid high penalties or keep a good existing deal. A secured loan is separate from your mortgage so you can agree different terms without affecting your original mortgage deal. 
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Mortgage Bridging Loans

Home Buyers

Bridge the gap between the sale and purchase of a property with a mortgage bridging loan. This short-term solution can help, even if you haven’t got a buyer and you don’t want to break the chain. You’ll need property, land or another high value asset to secure the loan. You could even use the finance for other purposes when you need immediate funds.

Property Investors

A mortgage bridging loan helps you raise funds quickly to buy at auction or complete renovations when a mortgage can’t be granted.

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