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Mortgage Protection Covering Manchester & Liverpool

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection

Bell Financial Solutions help to provide mortgage protection in Altrincham, Manchester and Liverpool to protect your biggest asset.

Successfully navigate the mortgage protection minefield and avoid costly mistakes with support from one of our highly trained mortgage and protection advisers. The majority of your money is probably tied up in your home. So it’s well worth taking out mortgage protection to look after the people you love.

As regulated, CeMap-qualified mortgage advisers, we’re legally bound and have a moral duty of care to ensure you have the right protections in place. We do this by building a detailed picture of your personal circumstances through our in-depth consultation. And we use this insight to find the most suitable mortgage protection options and prices for you. Giving you complete peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for no matter how life turns out.

We cover the following areas for mortgage protection; Manchester, Liverpool, Altrincham, Urmston, Wilmslow, Sale, Stockport, and the surrounding areas.

Mortgage Protection

Common Types of Mortgage Protection

We review leading insurance providers’ products to recommend the right mix of protection for you. These could include any of the following:

  • Mortgage Protection Against Illness or Injury
    There are two types of mortgage protection insurance that provide financial security should you become ill or suffer an injury that prevents you from working. Critical illness cover pays out a lump sum on the diagnosis of certain serious illnesses. Income protection replaces part of your earnings until you can work again.
  • Mortgage Life Insurance
    A lump sum payment for your loved ones should you or another named person die. Mortgage life insurance, linked to a mortgage, is another way to ensure a lump sum payout.
  • Mortgage Payment Protection
    Peace of mind that your mortgage payments will be covered, usually for up to two years, should you fall ill, suffer an accident or be made unemployed.
  • Buildings and Contents Insurance
    An easy and efficient way to sort out the cover for your new property and its contents.

Mortgage Protection FAQs

Still have questions?

Do I need to take out Mortgage protection with my mortgage lender?

You are free to seek independent advice and deal with your preferred provider when it comes to mortgage protection. Many of our clients choose to go ahead with mortgage protection with Bell Financial Solutions as we offer a complete service. After finding the most suitable mortgage deal that suits your circumstances, we can also explore all possible options with mortgage protection.

When should I arrange my mortgage protection insurance?

Great question. This is a commonly asked question that our clients ask us all the time. The best time to arrange your mortgage protection insurance and policy is usually after you have identified the dream property you wish to buy. It's also advisable to know how much your mortgage will be before proceeding with mortgage protection options.

Is mortgage protection mandatory?

Although mortgage protection isn't mandatory, we highly recommend that you consider and proceed with mortgage protection to protect your and your family's future. Mortgage protection gives you the peace of mind that if you find yourself out of work, you are protected to a certain degree. Although mortgage protection isn't a legal obligation, it can be a pre-condition for some lenders.

How much does mortgage protection cost?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive and standard answer to how much mortgage protection can cost. The cost of mortgage protection will depend on variable factors such as your monthly mortgage payments and type of mortgage i.e fixed-rate or variable-rate type mortgage.

What's the difference between life insurance vs mortgage protection?

There is a clear difference between life insurance and mortgage protection that should be clearly identified. With life insurance, this may be required if you are on a joint mortgage with at least one other party. Life insurance pays out a lump sum or instalment if you were to die which means that the other person on the joint mortgage can cope financially. On the other hand, mortgage protection doesn't protect you in the event of death but does protect you in the event of unemployment or redundancy.

Which type of mortgage protection do I need?

Bell Financial Solutions are here to help you select the most suitable type of mortgage protection for you and your family. Possible mortgage protection options include mortgage protection against illness or injury, mortgage life insurance, mortgage payment protection, and buildings and content insurance.

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